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Weekly Katsu

6 Aug

So my sister asked me if I’ve tried the new katsu place in Makati. I said no and immediately asked my friends if we could try it for dinner.

Ginza Bairin (located at the new Glorietta). I fell in love with Yabu’s rosu katsu so I ordered the same set so I can closely compare it with Yabu.

Size. I ordered large Rosu katsu set. Just like in Yabu, it comes with an unlimited servings of cabbage and rice. It has slices of seasonal fruit and miso soup as well.

So here’s my LARGE Rosu Katsu.


I find it too small for a ‘large’. Oh well.

Taste. After asking the servers if I really had ‘large’, I let it pass hoping that maybe it’ll taste better. I don’t usually eat the fatty part, but because I had a really nice rosu experience before I was expecting to get the same or better experience here.
And yes, I was disappointed again.

Unlike the ones I had before, the pork’s fats aren’t that firm. I don’t know how to explain it but I think, you can closely compare it to the ones found in porkchops. I don’t like it.

Not a fan of miso, but for the sake of knowing the difference, I guess they have a milder flavor compared to Yabu.

The sauces tastes almost the same.
I’ll try it again next time to get a better review on this.

Price. Ginza Bairin is a bit pricier compared to Yabu. I had edamame(which I shared with friends) and the large Rosu Katsu and I paid almost Php 500. While in Yabu, I had 180grams of Rosu katsu and shared an a la carte Creamy Crab katsu and I only paid less than Php 450.

The service and the ambiance is great. The staff are very accommodating. The place is nice. Clean and simple. And it’s not cramped like in Yabu.

I’ll give it ⭐⭐⭐ out of 5. Will visit again. Maybe they’ll improve. 🙂