14 Aug

Yes finally I’m able to post something. It’s been a year since my last post here in my blog. I’ve checked my dashboard and saw a LOT of drafts.

I always start doing something and in the end I’ll just leave it there, unfinished. Well, I have a draft way back Rihanna and Chris Brown’s concert (imagine how old that post is) haha.

I have a lot of revamping to do so let’s see.


Greenpeace Sched.

22 Apr

The info the GE industry doesn't want you to see on

I found this at the greenpeace blog. Since I’ve always wanted to become a field activist, I think that it is a good opportunity for me to finally be able to have an easier access. So for those who wants to join greenpeace(especially those in Manila) here is the sched:

April 20-22: Mall Atriums of Ever Gotesco Ortigas & Ever Commonwealth
What to expect:
-Water Patrol Photo exhibit, Climate Clinic,  and Direct Dialogue booth

Go GreenApril 20-24: SM Mega Mall Activity Area (Magna Vision Go Green Event)
What to expect:
-Chernobyl Photo Exhibit, Direct Dialogue booth and Solar Cafe and/or Solar Gadgets exhibit.
-On April 22, a Greenpeace representative will give a talk on Nuclear power: its cost, hazards, and proliferation.
-Do-It-Yourself Campaign kit will also be up for grabs if you want to personally spread the word.
-There will also be a video playback of Greenpeace videos during the 4-day event

April 22: Aidea Philippines, Inc., Makati
What to expect:
-An hour session with 30-40 employees of Aidea Phils (as part of their “Greening the Office” effort for the Earth Day).
-Climate Clinic

April 22-24: SM Centerpoint Activity Area
What to expect:
-Climate Clinic and Direct Dialogue booth.
-Greenpeace videos
-Noel Cabangon will be opening the exhibit on April 22. And surprise! surprise! Noel will be performing live!

April 24: Earth Day Jam (Tomas Morato, 7pm onwards)
What to do:
-Direct Dialogue Booth

Also, we’re trying to reach more people to get  on board. Check out the following venues in Cebu!

April 1-30: Robinsons Cebu
What to expect:
-Direct Dialogue Booth
-Water Photo Exhibit

April 16-30: JY Square and Mango Square (Cebu)
What to expect:
-Climate Change photo exhibit
-Direct Dialogue Booth

Note: I copied the sched on their blog site. for more info visit them HERE

Take Action

22 Apr

I just checked my mail and I’ve got a mail from greenpeace. I watched the video and I felt horrible because even though I’m not an illegal logger or a factory owner who disposes chemicals on rivers or seas, still I have my own little (but destructive)ways of affecting the environment. By joining and helping greenpeace, we can all make a change. It’s a good thing that there’s a channel for ordinary people to make a change.

We only have one EARTH to live in, we might as well start saving it. Watch the video.

“The optimism of action is better than the pessimism of the thought.” I’ve got this from the email.

Visit and help save the climate.

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14 Apr


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8 Apr

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