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11 Sep

While browsing my blog, I just noticed that I started this account two years ago. haha 🙂

Will post later.


14 Aug

Yes finally I’m able to post something. It’s been a year since my last post here in my blog. I’ve checked my dashboard and saw a LOT of drafts.

I always start doing something and in the end I’ll just leave it there, unfinished. Well, I have a draft way back Rihanna and Chris Brown’s concert (imagine how old that post is) haha.

I have a lot of revamping to do so let’s see.

3 Significant Things in College

29 Mar

What three significant life changing realizations have you experienced in your college life?

College is really a very different experience for anyone. I learn to cope with people from all walks of life. I learn to deal with the different challenges that we, college students, need to face. The finish line is already in sight, but of course there are these things that I have encountered in my college days that I will never forget. They say your friends sometimes are more influential than your family. Though for me that is not totally true, at some point I can say that  my friends are the ones whom I spend most of my days with so in a way, they have influenced and shaped me.

Even though I met new friends, I still manage to keep connected with my old friends. My college friends somehow made a lot of difference in my personality and perspective. Because of the different people I meet every day, I have learned to become more open and adaptable. There were a lot of new things that I haven’t done before that I was able to do because of my friends. I can say that my friends boost my confidence, because they taught me how to become silly yet we can still do the things we’re supposed to do.

The second thing that I have realized during my college years is my independence. I cannot say that I can already sustain myself, but in a way, I can say that I am already independent. I have learned to not depend on others. This is important because I need to trust myself that I can do anything despite of any challenges. The third and last thing that I have learned is to value every minute of my life. I didn’t expect that my college days will soon be over. So as the end becomes nearer, I am thinking of the things that I did and those things that I still want to do.

ISEBIZ (Exersices)

18 Dec

Getting Real Chapt (13-16)

October 28 Exercise



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IS EBIZ (Finals)

17 Dec

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