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22 Apr

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I found this at the greenpeace blog. Since I’ve always wanted to become a field activist, I think that it is a good opportunity for me to finally be able to have an easier access. So for those who wants to join greenpeace(especially those in Manila) here is the sched:

April 20-22: Mall Atriums of Ever Gotesco Ortigas & Ever Commonwealth
What to expect:
-Water Patrol Photo exhibit, Climate Clinic,  and Direct Dialogue booth

Go GreenApril 20-24: SM Mega Mall Activity Area (Magna Vision Go Green Event)
What to expect:
-Chernobyl Photo Exhibit, Direct Dialogue booth and Solar Cafe and/or Solar Gadgets exhibit.
-On April 22, a Greenpeace representative will give a talk on Nuclear power: its cost, hazards, and proliferation.
-Do-It-Yourself Campaign kit will also be up for grabs if you want to personally spread the word.
-There will also be a video playback of Greenpeace videos during the 4-day event

April 22: Aidea Philippines, Inc., Makati
What to expect:
-An hour session with 30-40 employees of Aidea Phils (as part of their “Greening the Office” effort for the Earth Day).
-Climate Clinic

April 22-24: SM Centerpoint Activity Area
What to expect:
-Climate Clinic and Direct Dialogue booth.
-Greenpeace videos
-Noel Cabangon will be opening the exhibit on April 22. And surprise! surprise! Noel will be performing live!

April 24: Earth Day Jam (Tomas Morato, 7pm onwards)
What to do:
-Direct Dialogue Booth

Also, we’re trying to reach more people to get  on board. Check out the following venues in Cebu!

April 1-30: Robinsons Cebu
What to expect:
-Direct Dialogue Booth
-Water Photo Exhibit

April 16-30: JY Square and Mango Square (Cebu)
What to expect:
-Climate Change photo exhibit
-Direct Dialogue Booth

Note: I copied the sched on their blog site. for more info visit them HERE


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