Simple Lang

24 Nov

I was visiting the Greenpeace site and looking for some news and I found something really interesting. Since some of the past blogs I have in this site is about doing things in a simple way, I wanted to share this amazing thing about how we can help our environment without having to go through some tiring tasks ( but I’d love to!).

For the busy and super pre-occupied people:



Here are the simple acts your have started doing to save the planet from climate change:

You now SWITCH OFF all your appliances, lights, lamps, computers and other equipment when they are not in use.

You now UNPLUG your TV, mobile phone chargers, microwave ovens, DVD/VCD players, computers, and all your other appliances to avoid the energy-guzzling standby mode.

You now LIGHT UP EFFICIENTLY by using energy efficient lighting systems such as CFL bulbs and opening your curtains and windows to invite more sunlight to your rooms

You have SPREAD THE WORD and encouraged at least 5 of your friends to pledge for the planet and be energy-conscious like you

You are now ENERGY CONSCIOUS AT WORK/SCHOOL by practicing the simple acts of unplugging, switching off and you’ve probably encouraged your whole office and school to replace your incandescent bulbs to CFLs.

You are now ENERGY CONSCIOUS AT HOME by opening your windows to let natural air circulate in your house. You have also started using your refrigerator wisely.

So now, Greenpeace challenges you to move forward and continue this pledge for the planet. There are still numerous things that you can do for the planet…
…segregate trash – to minimize waste management processes
…bring your own baon or reusable containers when you buy food – you’ll lessen the production and waste of the food wrappers (especially if they’re made of non-biodegradable materials such as plastic or sytrofoam)
…travel efficiently – avoid the one-car, one-person practice
…continue spreading the word and expand to your own expertise and fields of interest!
A teacher? Perhaps you can lead your students in becoming more energy-conscious!
An architect? Maybe you can start designing houses that are more climate-friendly!

Over the years, Greenpeace has been working against climate change, fighting coal and other causes. Now it’s your turn.

Support Greenpeace in fighting this grave threat to our planet.

Simple lang, volunteer, support, take action!


So there you go. Some easy steps to help out mother earth.


*Just a thought. 😉


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