17 Nov

Okay, so I am supposed to buy my David Archuleta cd but unfortunately, I didn’t have the money so there, I just stared at the album cover while counting on the cds left on the shelf, there’s only 2 left so I’m a bit panicking that maybe I’ll have a hard time getting the album next week ( yeah next week! gosh!) I know that if I am a true-david-archuleta-fan, I should be lining on the record stores last November 11, but yah I’m a loser! tsk! Anyway… I won’t stay here at the corner of my room mourning because I’m so left out. I’ll have that album, you’ll see! haha 🙂

So to satisfy my longing? haha I’ll just post some pictures of David Archuleta woo! 😀

1_425671812loh gosh! I love his hair this way! 🙂

normal_bts1such a cutie! haha


* am i crazy or falling in love, is it really just another crush.. lalala-la-lala…*


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