Conclusion| chapter 16

11 Nov

So I guess this is goodbye… At last, I will be able to finish blogging about Getting Real.

So what can I say… I guess reading Getting Real really does give me a lot of good ideas. I think the book is really nice and very helpful. There are tons of information that are useful, effective, yet very simple to do. Getting Real tought me how to appreciate simple things from making the application, to launching and maintaining it.

Getting Real is a great books for those people who loves doing things the “uncomplicated” way and also for those people who used to do things more complex. Before I end this blog post, I just like to share my idea about making things complicated. I always have this thought that why do most people would love to write a very long essay without even getting to the point the whole time. I mean, (I know I’m ranting now) why do this thing if you can say it in a shorter and more direct way. Well, I just find it very useless and time consuming. The connection? Getting Real is about keeping things simple and in the end, you’ll meet your goals and if you’re on luck ( or you’re just too good) you’ll have a rockin’ app!

😉 *maybe this is not the end… yet! haha


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