Support | chapter 14

5 Nov

When it comes to application maintenance, which includes the  customer support, companies should do their product support by themselves. The most common trend is to outsource people who will answer the questions of the customers, but it more advatageous for the company if they will be the one to attend the needs of the customers. If companies will do the application support by themselves, it is easier for them to detect the needs of the customers and as well as the trend in the demands of the market.

It says in this chapter that manuals (as much as possible) should be avoided. Not that you shouldn’t create a proper documentation of your application but you must be able to create a simple application that does not require a manual ( just so you can learn how to use it). This is probably applicable for web applications. But for the hardwares of softwares that we still need to install, manual are still and will always be useful.

Customer queries should also be entertained immediately. Though it is always a plus point if you can deliver the demands or requests of your customers but if you can’t handle what they want, you can always say no. It is better to admit that you can’t do everything than to pretend to be someone or something you’re not. 🙂


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