Post-Launch| chapter 15

5 Nov

The finish line is already visible. One more chapter and I’m done with Getting Real. So to continue, this chapter will be about the Post-Launch. Post-launch means, after the launching (obviously!). So what is this all about? 🙂

Show that you are listening! How is this possible? You should create updates on you app. Make sure that you show the customers that you are continuing to improve the application. This will give the market the imporession that you still have (or the app) a lot of things to offer (which is a good news).

These are that things that you should include in your blog (where you post updates and all the stuffs that has something to do with your app):

  • Faq
  • How-tos
  • Tips & tricks
  • New features, updates, & fixes
  • Buzz/press


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