Promotion | chapter 13

4 Nov

A good publicity is important. This does not only applies for movies but it can also be useful in launching applications. There should be a proper promotion for the soon-to-be-launched-application. This will create a buzz for your app. So how is this possible? Do it the Hollywood way!

Here are the 3 ways to make your app the talk-of-town:

1) Teaser

2) Preview and

3) Launch

Tease Me

Well, not me really but tease the public. Give them hints on what the application will be about and update them. Blogs will be useful. Let them follow your progress. If there are sites that will link yours, this will give your site more traffic which is almost synonymous to well publicized app.


Before the launching of the application, give a sneak-peek for the public. Let them know what the features are and give the the  description of the product. By doing these, people will talk about your app/product especially if they are really interested with what (your app) can do.


Now when it’s time to launch your app, get the people informed by sending emails and by updating those who regularly visit your site.

Another promotion strategy is the ‘Promo Site’. In a promo site, includes everything that concerns your app. ( the specs, how to have it, etc.) Blog. Blogging is important. Here you can post the progress and the different updated regarding your applications. People who are interested in your application will also find this useful.


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