“Da-da-da-Da, Da-da-da-Da!”

31 Oct

OMG! Okay so I’m not actually blogging tonight but while I was watching CSI:NY (oh this is one of my fave shows! :)) there’s this episode when there’s this couple running along the beach and I wasn’t looking on the screen so when I heard the guy shout I immediately look unto the screen and I was like GOSH! I wasn’t expecting something like that! (Okay, writing the next description is hard for me!) Suddenly I was greeted by a dead shark (I’m not sure if it’s dead really co’z I’m so shocked!) And I felt my eyes really went super big and I was like damn! why sharks? argh!

I think what triggered my fear with sharks are the movies my dad used to let us watch. Gosh! There a lots of family-movies out there I wonder why my dad loves those shark movies… OH GAWD! I am so not okay! Anyway, as much as I would like to put images or video clips here, I’d rather not! I remember when I browse books that has something to do with the ocean or the underwater thing, I really try to turn the pages slowly because I’m sure I’ll be greeted by those super big mouths (gosh!) and their teeth with big gaps (noooo!) so whenever I can see a bit of ‘them’ (not the teeth please!) I cover them with my hand and make sure that I don’t touch the surface.

I’m not feeling good already so I better talk about this next time… I guess I’ll just take a break.

*I swear, it’s really tough describing and remembering all those things above.* Goodluck to me!

I can still manage to do some searching and here’s the LINK to the episode so you’ll know what I’m talking about. 😉


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