Be Green!

27 Oct

I’ve always wanted to be a part of an organization wherein I’ll be able to use my skill and my limited knowledge. I would love to meet new people who share the same passion like mine (or even not that the same) 🙂 haha So let me share to you one of the things I love doing.

JOIN GREENPEACE! Let’s save our mother earth ( It may sound cheesy but hey! this is a serious matter) Right now I’m just a cyberactivist (doing forum stuff, reading and applying the things I learn online) but I really (as in super want) want to be exposed in the field and do some cleaning and teaching. Right now, I’m still in the process of figuring out where to pass my application form. I’ve got one person who’ll join with me. So go on and help the environment on your own little ways! 😀

Why am I doing this? It is because I feel useless(really…) I don’t want to grow old doing nothing but the useless stuff (yeah I love the good times but I want to be a deeper person). At least when I’m older, I know I did something worthwhile in my life.

(I’m planning to join PETA but I think I have to sacrifice my meat eating habits which I think is VERY impossible so I’ll stick with Greenpeace and let’s see, hmm how about Harribon?) 😉


*comment on!* I would love to meet greenpeacers(is that how they call the members? Okay I’m making-up terms here! haha ) Seriously, I’d love to meet you guys! 🙂


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