Code| chapter 10

9 Oct

Chapter 10 of Getting Real focuses on codes. It is said that the simpler the codes are, the faster the application will finish. Another thing is, if the codes are simple, it is easier to make changes and apply new features. If the codes are made in small bits at a time, as you progress, you will be surprised that you have made a big application (without stressing too much on coding). Less software = Less complexity.

Be happy. Coding is not just about headaches (unless you are really passionate about it), coding can also be fun. By choosing the right programming language will make your work a fun activity for you and your team, thus your team will be more productive. Use tools that your team loves.

If the codes are hard to change, there must be an easier way to do it. Listen to people with enough knowledge when it comes to coding. Fix it.

Don’t let the bad codes get piled-up. Start fixing it as soon as possible to avoid future problems (imaging fixing hundred of lines?!)

Lastly, let your customers know the progress in your app. Update them. Use Rss  feeds to update them. Before I thought that RSS is just for tracking blog sites (thanks Getting Real! 😉 ), but this can also be used for giving information to your clients.


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