Interface Design| chapter 9

6 Oct

Now, it’s chapter 9. Whew! 😛

Design the interface first before doing the coding. Well, I actually practice this. I just like seeing the interface and imagine that it is already working. 😀 Designing the interface first, according to this chapter is easier (I agree) compared to coding. The changes can be easily made while still designing the UI than pouring all your time debugging codes. It is important that we can already picture the outcome, so being able to see the design first will make it easier to do the rest of app. 😀

Ignore the extremities: the navigation/tabs, footer, colors, sidebar, logo, etc.. Oh, how many times has it been said that we need to focus first on the main thing. (yeah the main event! :P) Build the most important thing first and every little detail will follow. Make sure that the main feature of the app is running before adding the “accessories” of the app.

There are 3 things that we should keep in mind when it comes to UI designing:

1.Regular – this is what users see.

2. Blank –   what we see before we can do a thing with the                        app.

3. error    – obviously, the error page. 😉

What is a blank slate? This made me do some googling stuff. Anyway I guess (since I haven’t found any reliable definition and I’ll just trust my comprehension *cross fingers* :D) blank slate is the the first thing that will come to our minds the first time we’ll see the app. It’s blank slate because… We’re blank (literally) because we don’t know what to expect. It says that this part of the UI design is usually neglected by the developers which in the view of the book (and mine as well) shouldn’t be the case. There should be a guide for first-timers. 😉 There should also be a sample on how the app will look like. In short, it should be user-friendly.


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