The Organization| chapter 7

29 Sep

Stay Together. Integrate the different teams so that it will result into a more productive work. It is also better if the team members are multi-talented. Allow the team members to work together so they can guide each other and minimize the number of mistakes as well.

Being alone is good. It makes us finish more work than working mostly with other people. Not that teamwork is not important, but usually, working alone will let each individual work according to their liking and on their own pace. Because of this, if people will work on their own, they will have better result with their performance. Being alone/working alone will also separate us from distractions, which is good.

Meetings are toxic. It is advisable to not have meetings especially when it only concerns a small part o the project. Plus, meeting will only consume a lot of the time in discussing repeating topics so it is better if that time will be spent on making the app. But if meetings are really needed, there are 3 things that we should remember:( I arranged this according to what I think is the most important)


– This is really important. Having a meeting with no objective is so, nonsense. Make everything clear so that you know how the meeting will flow.

2. Set the time.

– Time is gold. (yeah I know, this is so overused but true!) Remember: There are other things that you need to accomplish. So make sure that meetings start and end at the planned schedule.

3. Invite few people as possible.

– The idea here is that if there are a lot of people in a meeting, there will be more arguments which will only consume more time. Invite people who have something to do with the topics to be discussed.

Lastly, have a milestone. Make sure that you have finished something in a day. Not only that you know you have lesser things to do the next day, but you also get to feel the motivation because you know that you had achieved something at the end of the day.


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