Staffing| chapter 8

29 Sep

As much as possible, don’t start big. Begin is a small group. It will be easier to manage and you have lesser people to pay. There are also some other things to be done when hiring: trainings, exposing them to the company’s work environment, etc.. More people is not equal to more finished works. Sometimes,  it is harder for the team members to work if they can’t get along. So it is better to hire few people who you know, can accomplish the tasks.

Before hiring, test them. See how they work. This way, you will know if you are hiring the right person for the job. Base your decisions, when hiring, not of the grades or what is written on their resumes. Check how they work.

Passion is important. So hire someone who loves what he’s doing.

Make sure he can finish something.

Social skill is also important. Your team members must know how to work with different people. They should know how to adapt to different situations. This way, you will be comfortable working with each other.

“Small teams need people who can wear different hats.” Hire people who are flexible. Hiring someone who only focuses or someone who’s only good in a particular thing can only contribute a little on the team. Having people who can do a lot of different works is like hiring a lot of staff in ONE. Lastly, choose happy employees. Well, who wants to work with people who feels terrible working with you right?

The law of attraction, Think of the positive, so that the positive will come unto you. So stick with postive people, because they can affect you. ;D


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