Chapter 5.

22 Sep

Get everything that is important and leave all the unnecessary features for later improvements. What is important is that the poduct works and that you have accomplished what is really needed. This way, the time you have for developing the web app is maximized for a better output. Learn to eliminate the important details from the fancy ones. The goal is to make the application run.

Learn to say NO. Saying no doesn’t mean that the app is less better that what others could do. Instead, it is better because the goal is focused. You only need to work on less details and less requirements so you can really put all the effort on it. Saying no does not mean ignoring new ideas, it’s just not now. There will be a right time for more details and features.

When thinking of new features, make sure to look at the things that comes with it. All the modifications that will be possible in adding a new feature should be taken into consideration so that during the process of implementation, you are prepared. Build something that you can manage. Something feasible.

The main point in this chapter is that we should only think of the important things. Added features are fine as long as it does not hinder on the process of the development. These extra features, if workable, could be added in the future.

Keep in mind: Get the app runnin’! 😉


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