Chapter 4.

18 Sep

Get everyone involve. Two heads are better than one that is why, when dealing with problems and tasks, it is better if the people involve with the projects are willing to participate and the moderators are open with new ideas. Even the ideas from the clients are important in making decisions are imporatant. Clients should feel that they get what they want.

Picture the project as a whole and add modifications when all the important parts are already working. We should always remember that  the important thing is that we meet the requirements and that the project is working properly.

Chapter 4 implies that we should not think of the problems that we don’t have yet. But instead we should focus on the current issues that needs immediate attention. Make use of the information that you  have.

We don’t need to please everyone. Instead of finding ways on how to attract all types if markets for a product, focus your marketing plan on those potential buyers of the product or servicesd that the company is offering, this way you time would be maximized to your potential clients. Be an expert on your field. We should also be honest to the clients on what is really happening with the projects.


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