Chapter 3.

14 Sep

Less is better.

Chapter 3 of Getting Real tells us that leaner is better than bulky. Why? because first, change is easier when things are small rather than when they are in a bigger scope. Less mass allows us to change rapidly since we only focus on less features.

And since we can change easier and the scope small, the cost of change is also less. Cheap and fast are the keywords for better web development. In starting a project a team should be in 3’s since it is cheaper bacause obviously, you only need to pay three people and communication is better than a big team.

Embrace Constraints. Instead of stressing ourselves with the problems, let these problems drive us into a better working mode. Constraints makes us creative because we think of other ways to do our projects which in some cases, lead into a more better output.

Acceptance is important. Be yourself as the cliche goes. Don’t pretend for something that a company is not. And don’t sell yourself too much if you can’t really do what you’re saying. Staying honest with the company customers is better. At least, they have clear idea of what the company can really do. Besides, small companies can communicate better with the clients compared to big companies.


One Response to “Chapter 3.”

  1. Dave Q September 17, 2008 at 6:25 pm #

    Very well said, keep it up!

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