shop. sell. till i drop.

11 Sep

Well, everyone is familiar with online shopping and selling. before e-bay is the only online shopping place that I know. Then comes multiply, which is primarily a networking site where friends get to update one another, post photos and blogs.

Then the online shops in multiply came flooding. From accessories to pet clothes, name it multiply has it. so my sister and I decided to have our own online shop which is the CharmedOnlineShop. We started selling accessories and now we have varieties of products. 

Everything is going fine until the news that multiply does not allow the use of the site for transactions such as the shops, so sellers and maybe even some of the buyers, were panicking and so each seller started contributing ideas on where sellers can probably transfer their shops. There I first heard of shopify.

Well shopify, according to some of the multiply sellers, does not offer the services or features that multiply has. And one important factor is that multiply is free while shopify isn’t. Though it offers free trial, it also means that the service is limited so again, it’s not ideal for selling a lot of products.

Now, as part of the IS-EBIZ class, I’m using shopify to sell some of the products that we have in our multiply site. I’m currently learning how shopify works and how transactions are different from what I am used to…

Visit my shopify shop: 😀


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